Dolphin loses UI settings when restarted

Florian Lindner mailinglists at
Mon Jun 25 16:21:14 BST 2018


whenever I launch dolphin 18.04.2, it loses some UI settings. It is especially weird, because when I start dolphin from scratch, i.e. `rm .config/dolphinrc && rm -rf .local/share/dolphin && dolphin`, it looks fine, e.g.

Then I change nothing, just quit and start it again, it looks like

Now I activate menu bar (Ctrl-M), sidebar (F9) and toolbar (using mouse), change view mode to detailed, and change the icon size. When I quit and restart dolphin, all these settings, except view mode and icon size are lost.

dolphinrc is also void of any of these settings.

This problem may be connected, that I do not run KDE desktop environment, but i3, which has produced problems (especially GUI related, such as missig icons) with various  KDE applications in the past.

I have set

    export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct"
    export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$HOME/.kde4/lib/kde4/plugins/:/usr/lib/kde4/plugins/

Best Thanks!


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