Is there a way to force the use of a specific BT profile on a specific hardware/device?

stakanov stakanov at
Tue Jun 19 10:31:10 BST 2018

I am using Leap 15 with KDE 5.12.5, Frameworks 5.45.0 and QT 5.9.4.

BT fails with me since years to pair correctly with BT audio devices provided 
they have also a phone hands free function. 
In this case, even selecting manually in the settings the right protocol 
(A2DP), since the system perceives the microphone, it always starts the device 
with HFP. 

Since I do not use handsfree on my notebook, is there a way to force(!) the 
A2DP protocol on the headset and on the BT box? Maybe with a "read only" 
association of the profile for that given hardware? I am interested on a 
forced setting "per item" that can overcome the problem with these two 
specific devices (a BT Box JBL GO and a Sennheiser BT headset (that 
unfortunately also has a microphone so, is running in the same problem, no 
A2DP profile). 
Where is the config where this can be done in plasma?
One sees the A2DP offered in KDE sound settings, also in kde system settings, 
but these settings in Leap have no effect, the device 
"jumps back" to HFP once the microphone is sensed, it seems. 

Thank you in advance for helping me to solve this tedious problem and for any 

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