Konqueror 5.0.97 issues

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at supernet.ab.ca
Sun Jun 17 18:34:00 BST 2018

[Konqueror 5.0.97 on Fedora 28 updated just this morning]

Because of a disk crash I had to replace my /dev/sda which previously had 
Fedora 25 on it. Fortunately I keep /home on /dev/sdb so I installed Fedora 28 
on a new /dev/sda and all appears to go well. Except for Konqueror in 3 
annoying ways:

1. I can't open more than one instance from the K Menu or the Quick Launcher 

Using either of those just opens the one already-open Konqueror, even across 
Desktops. Links opened from KMail do open in a new window, but if Konqueror 
window crashes, it takes the all down.

Totally the opposite of what Konqueror has done forever. That instance-
independence is one of Konqueror's greatest features and why I still prefer it 
for all my commodity browsing.

Using System Activity (Ctrl-Esc) and searching for Konqueror shows me the 
single konqueror process and one more more (they seem to be reaped down to 0 
eventually) "http.so" processes, something I've never seen before.

2. Even though I have "Open links in new tab instead of new window" set, and 
"Open new tabs in the background" un-set, middle-clicking on any link opens a 
new tab in the background.

This actually looks like a bug. Setting "Open new tabs in the background" 
actually makes them open in the foreground as before.

Dolphin seems similarly afflicted.

3. I used to use kfmclient openProfile FileManagement to use Konqueror for 
file management since I always found Dolphin wanting and having to use it now 
finds it still wanting. Apparently that's not available anymore.

Is there any way to get my old 2-panel (tree on the left, list on the right) 
Konqueror file manager back?

And a follow-on: Where do Konqueror settings live these days? I've accumulated 
a few konquerorc files over the years/Fedoras. For that matter, how can a 
fella tell where KDE settings are these days? Are there reference docs of some 
sort? I could do a bunch of date comparisons, but a reference would be 

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