[dolphin] [Bug 393977] Dolphin has become very slow after recent update

Myriam Schweingruber myriam at kde.org
Mon Jun 4 10:57:34 BST 2018

Hi Bug Reporter,

why are you cross posting this to a support list, when a bug report has
already been filed to the dolphin developers?

You do realise that cross-posting is frowned upon, and you already made a
bug report, so what is the point of sending this to the user support ML?
This list here is meant for user support, and is the first step, where
escalating to either a development list or filing a bug report is the
eventual consequence of the support given here, not the other way round.

So please, do not crosspost or escalate the wrong way, it is really not

Regards, Myriam

PS: Top-posting on purpose, as I am just reacting to the repeated
cross-posting you do on this list

FWIW. I run an open Dolphin since
11:52:15 up 8 days, 21:35,  5 users,  load average: 2,60, 3,39, 3,50
where KSysGuard tells me:
The process *dolphin* (with pid 2671) is using approximately 4.0 MB of
It is using 3.8 MB privately, and a further 2.8 MB that is, or could be,
shared with other programs.
Dividing up the shared memory between all the processes sharing that memory
we get a reduced shared memory usage of 269.0 KB. Adding that to the
private usage, we get the above mentioned total memory footprint of 4.0 MB.

I see no problems currently, running Dolphin 17.12.3 on Plasma 5.12.5

On Sun, 3 Jun 2018 at 21:46, Bug Reporter <bugreporter11 at gmail.com> wrote:

> see below
> On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 5:25 PM, Bug Reporter <bugreporter11 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 5:04 PM, Elvis Angelaccio <
>> bugzilla_noreply at kde.org> wrote:
>>> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=393977
>>> --- Comment #9 from Elvis Angelaccio <elvis.angelaccio at kde.org> ---
>>> (In reply to bugreporter11 from comment #8)
>>> > Is this the right method for running Dolphin from gdb?
>>> > $ gdb dolphin 2>&1 | tee dolphin.gdb
>>> > (gdb) run
>>> > Starting program: /usr/bin/dolphin
>>> Yes, that should work.
>>> In my experience, the GUI gets slower and slower over time when I leave
>> Dolphin open. Prior to a few months ago, this did not happen. I would leave
>> Dolphin open for weeks (or months) at a time on my desktop computer. Since
>> a change a few months ago, I now close Dolphin each night. This keeps the
>> GUI acting relatively responsively.
>> For this test, I have been running Dolphin from gdb for two days without
>> closing it. Today I can notice a slight decrease in GUI responsiveness
>> (very slight), but the messages in gdb are exactly the same. There are no
>> additional error messages or anything that looks abnormal.
>> I'll continue this for another week or so and see if any messages change
>> and how much Dolphin slows down over time.
>> So far the messages I see are similar to these. There are not many of
>> these:
>> Empty filename passed to function
>> kf5.kservice.services: KMimeTypeTrader: mimeType "" not found
>> inotify_add_watch("/home/user/Downloads/MyTemp") failed: "Permission
>> denied"
>> org.kde.knotifications: Audio notification requested, but sound file from
>> notifyrc file was not found, aborting audio notification
>> Access to ' "/home/user/workspaces/xyz" ' denied, not owned by root,
>> executable flag not set.
>> UdevQt: unhandled device action "bind"
>> UdevQt: unhandled device action "unbind"
>> And only one message like each of these:
>> Trying to convert empty KLocalizedString to QString.
>> qt.accessibility.core: Cannot create accessible child interface for
>> object:  PlacesView(0x5555558f33a0)  index:  41
>> Other than that, the messages are mostly like this:
>> [New Thread 0x7fff81ffb700 (LWP 15125)]
>> [Thread 0x7fff81ffb700 (LWP 15125) exited]
>> org.kde.dolphin: Saving view-properties to ...
>> I would like to fix the permission issues and other issues, but I don't
>> see anything wrong with any permissions. I own the directories mentioned in
>> the messages. And I'm sure these messages are not related to the slow GUI
>> responsiveness issue I am troubleshooting now.
> I pasted pmap output. The surprising thing was that Dolphin in using
> 4514648K bytes of memory. That's 4.3 Gigabytes of RAM used by Dolphin
> alone! I guess that explains why Dolphin gets so slow over time, right? The
> output of pmap was so large that my prior message to this list was rejected
> with the message "Message body is too big: 146890 bytes with a limit of 40
> KB".The pmap output got posted to the bug report here:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=393977
> This huge memory usage is apparently the result of letting Dolphin run
> without closing it since May 31 (about 3 and a half days). I used to leave
> Dolphin open for weeks or months at a time and this sluggishness did not
> occur.
> Currently, I have dolphin running in gdb. I can send more info if needed.
> But soon I'm going to have to close and reopen Dolphin because it has
> become too sluggish to use normally.

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