how to debug kscreen?

Bug Reporter bugreporter11 at
Mon Jul 16 19:26:48 BST 2018

When filing bugs related to kscreen, we are told to add information
according to this guide:

It starts with this instruction:

Create a script with the following content:

export QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN="[%{time hh::mm:s.zzz}] %{function}: %{message}"

It also includes editing ~/.config/QtProject/qtlogging.ini

So far, those steps are clear to me. However, later that guide also suggests:

If your bug is related to how KScreen reacts to certain events (for
example you plug your monitor and nothing happens), execute the
following in a terminal and reproduce the bug:

export QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN="[%{time hh::mm:s.zzz}] %{function}: %{message}"
kquitapp kded

That is where my confusion starts. The export statement is exactly the
same as the one already established and which I expect to now run
every time I login to plasma. If I have created the suggested script
and then logged into plasma, will it still be necessary to do the
above manual step? If so, why?

I do not expect my regular non-technical users to be able to do that
step. I need to enable debugging in a way that does not require their
manual intervention in a terminal.

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