plasma5 screen management going wrong

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Jul 13 08:53:24 BST 2018

On Thursday July 12 2018 22:00:58 Bug Reporter wrote:


>I don't know exactly what that is, but the name gives me the feeling
>that kscreen-doctor might be able to be used like xrandr... any

FWIW, I think kscreen is mostly a wrapper around XR&R, esp. the control panel that allows you to define multi-head layouts. Admittedly I only know the KDE4 version, but that just works, even for probably non-foreseen applications where you connect an AV amp for audio-out only. There I need to add an XR&R definition so I can send the amp a pure mirror image of my laptop screen.
Correction: I did have to do very similar things (and they worked the same way) on a KaOS VM but I lost that one months ago because of corrupted upgrade.

I *have* picked up noise about less-than-ideal multi-head support in Plasma (4 or 5) but never checked them out in depth because for now my main, multihead workstation is still a Mac. I can confirm though that connecting an additional display to my KDE4 desktop wasn't as pleasant an experience as it is on my Mac; loss of fluidity and completely messed-up mouse tuning. And that was not some crazy high res screen.

My 2 cents: if this used to work for you and it stopped after a recent upgrade (esp. a Plasma one you can identify), bring this up in a more appropriate location where the Plasma devs will see it. That could be an actual bug reporter if you're certain that it worked as it should be before and no longer does, and that this is not a result of a corrupted config file somewhere (easy to check by creating a temp. fresh account). Depending on the distribution you're using you'd either report it to the distro (for known "branded" or "lagging" distros like Ubuntu) or else directly to . But the plasma-devel ML could be an appropriate place to ask if anything has changed that you should know about, and maybe has an appropriate section too.


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