plasma5 screen management going wrong

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> Some questions include:
> - Upon putting the laptop on the dock (multiple external monitors) can
> I run my randr script (or command) to activate the dock-connected
> monitors without logging out of plasma?


> - Upon undocking, I assume I would run another randr script to disable
> the external monitors, then I would undock the laptop.


> - Say I have two different docking stations (one in the east coast
> office one in the west coast office). Say both have the identical
> monitor layout (e.g., two 1920x1080 HDMI monitors side by side). Will
> the same randr dock-connect script work at the other office? The
> monitors will have different EDID's, of course. But the relative
> positions and the resolutions will be the same.

This would appear to depend upon the names of the screens, such as
"DP-2-1". My guess is that if the dock itself is the same model
device, the display ports may be named the same by xrandr. Obviously,
it is not hard to come up with the required command for additional
office locations. However, it would be more convenient if a
non-technical user (one who can barely use a terminal) had exactly one
command to execute for docking, regardless of the office. But, in
worst case, I can see making scripts or aliases such as "dock-east"
and "dock-west". The undock script/alias would always be the same.

> - With xorg conf files, I assume that switching from the undocked to
> the docked configuration requires logging out of plasma, restarting X,
> and logging back in. Correct?

I don't know. I did not create any xorg.conf files yet. Will I need to
create them?

> - Are there frequent or common situations where one could lose all
> monitor output and a non-sudo user would be required to restart the
> computer?

After just a little testing, this seems like a robust solution.

However, the key to whether or not this will be practical for me is
power management. Having to remove KDE's PowerDevil means I now have
to go and explore alternative means of managing power on a laptop. Any

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