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> Hello?
> On Dec 9, 2017 9:39 AM, "Mrmajik45 it's not magic it's majik" <
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> > How do i update my KDE applications they don't show on update manager. EX:
> > partition manager is 12.1
> > Linux Mint 18.2 KDE

You will have to ask this on a discussion group of your distribution provider 
(Mint). They are the ones that should take care of the correct updating of 
their KDE SC. 
In general you have to know that:
- as long as your distribution is not "rolling" you will have a certain 
generation of KDE as base and you will receive security updates on it. 
- if you upgrade you distribution to a new version, also the KDE version that 
ships with it will be upgraded and maintained with security patches. The 
reponsibility for this the distribution's provider. (in your case Mint). 
- you can have a look on www.distrowatch.com under "mint" in the synoptic 
table, which KDE version is the "right" one for your distribution (that is, 
which one receives security updates). 
- if you want a more recent KDE desktop, you may change your distribution e.g. 
to a rolling release (like opensuse Tumbleweed) or to a release that 
specifically targets for very recent KDE desktop software (like KDE Neo). 
- you should read the documentation on www.kde.org to understand well the 
difference between the versioning of Plasma5, Framework, Software Collection 
and the related requirements of QT (which is in general the main reason for 
not upgrading a KDE environment during a distribution version.

Hope that helps, you did not give much information. 

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