Installing indic (Hindi, Punjabi) etc keyboard layouts

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Mon Dec 24 17:03:19 GMT 2018

I'm running KDE Plasma 5 on Arch Linux. In System Settings | Keyboard | Add
Layout I have an Indian layout which includes variants for Hindi and
Punjabi and many others. There are two Punjabi variants and 3 Hindi
variants. I did not install any extra packages. In fact, I did not even
install the full KDE Plasma group from the Arch repositories. Here is the
list of packages I installed, in case it helps:

pacman -S plasma-workspace plasma-desktop systemsettings kwin kdelibs
kdebase-kdialog kde-gtk-config systemd-kcm kdesu krename kate kwrite retext
kdegraphics-okular xdg-utils plasma-nm drkonqi kdeplasma-addons kscreen
ksshaskpass ksysguard kwallet-pam user-manager firefox kompare kdiff3 gtk3
gimp gimp-ufraw xsane xsane-gimp gwenview qt5-imageformats kimageformats
kcharselect kcolorchooser kdebase-keditbookmarks dolphin dolphin-plugins
kdeutils-kdf ark spectacle pulseaudio plasma-pa kdemultimedia-kmix
pulseaudio-alsa pavucontrol paprefs parted gptfdisk libdvdcss
kwalletmanager kio-extras breeze-kde4 konsole kdebase-lib coin-or-mp
poppler-glib openjpeg2 unrar gnupg kdeutils-kgpg exfat-utils
gnome-themes-standard xclip print-manager

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 2:01 AM Robert Backhaus <robbak at> wrote:

> Ever since I upgraded from KDE4 to Plasma, the keyboard layouts for indian
> languages have been missing when I try to add them. I know this was an
> issue before with KDE4, and I had to update my xkb installation - some
> versions had these language keyboards removed from xkb. I still have an xkb
> version installed that includes these languages, but they are missing from
> Plasma's list of keyboard layouts.
> I have no idea what needs to be changed, or added, to restore these
> layouts. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how to get them back? Does,
> for instance, kde have a bundled copy of xkb somewhere that needs updating?
> If it helps, my operating system is FreeBSD, and I am using the 'KDE5'
> ports.
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