akonadi / kmail / gmail

superaorta at gmail.com superaorta at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 09:02:01 BST 2018

> Because it's qt-based it should integrate better with kde/plasma than the
> gtk-based claws-mail, but as I've not used it I've no idea whether it has
> a tray icon.
> http://trojita.flaska.net/ , and is in some distro repos but may not be
> in all of them yet, and may be outdated in others, a potentially big
> issue as it's only a few years old so if it's a few years outdated it
> could be a pretty early version...
> Let me know if you have questions about claws, and if you try trojita,
> how it works (or not) for you.


I'll give these a whirl and see if they work for me

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