akonadi / kmail / gmail

superaorta at gmail.com superaorta at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 22:05:35 BST 2018

Recent versions of kmail / akonadi plays so badly with gmail that it is 
extremely irritating and the practical solution for me is restarting akonadi 
many times a day using akonadictl restart

This is really annoying not least because spams my desktop three times with 
the following unwelcome message, 

"We're sorry, No such method 'agentName' in Interface 
'org.freeedesktop.Akonadi.AgentManager' at objewct path..."

and only after this message is dismissed three times I get any progress.

Unless someone knows a magic cure for this problem, and it has been 
extensively reported in the akonadi bug section, what I would like is a nicer 
way to keep my email working.

I can pkill akonadi_imap to restart akonadi_imap_resource which works nicely.  
It is quick, lightweight and silent and easily move to a cronjob, BUT, after 
three times akonadi_imap_resource will not restart and it is back to  
akonadictl restart.

- If I could increase the limit of three times I can kill _impa_res before 
akonadi decides is duff and won't restart it that would be great.

- If I could restart akonadi_imap_resource somehow that would be great.

- If akonadictl could simply restart one component (imap_resource) that would 
be great.

- If akonadictl could be persuaded not to spam up my desktop with this 
nonsensical error message that would be great.

- If you have suggestions for another way around the akonadi / gmail bug that 
would be great.

- If you know if clementine or another kmail replacement is around that would 
be great.

- If you know how I can get thunderbird to dock nicely, announce new emails 
and not quit when I press the X button that would be great.

Basically _anything_ to get my email working as it should be.

Akoanadi is the bane of my computing life and trying to get bugs fixed is, 
well pointless.  I hope someone is working on something better for the next 
version of kde!



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