black screen and cursor, and nothing more

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Sat Aug 18 09:15:08 BST 2018

On 17/08/18 16:28, dep wrote:

> greetings.
> i'm making an attempt to switch from trinity desktop environment to 
> whatever version of plasma is installed when one installs kubuntu-desktop 
> in ubuntu 16.04. window manager is kwin.
> when i select plasma at the login screen, all seems to go well but for the 
> appearance not of plasma but of a black screen with a mouse cursor. no 
> clicking of either button produces anything, and the only escape is 
> ant-f1, login, and rebooting from there.
> i'd guess it's a tiny configuration issue, but i have no idea what it is. 
> searching the web i've found other instances similar to but not exactly 
> like this one.
> anybody know what's happening and how to fix it?
> thanks.

I can't really help you, but I thought I should add that for at least a
couple of months now there has been a roughly 50% chance that when I
boot my PC I will get exactly what you describe - a black screen with
only a mouse cursor - instead of the login screen.

I just press ctrl-alt-backspace twice to fix this...I think it restarts
the X server or something?  Anyway, it results in a working login screen
within a second.

Kind regards,

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