Can someone reproduce this kate/kwrite crash?

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Thu Sep 21 07:02:34 BST 2017

I'm getting a lots of crashes with Kate (and Kwrite). I was able to 
reduce the offending text that causes the crash to this:

(*Without* the quotes.)

" ;"

That is, one or more spaces, followed by a semicolon. Can someone try 
and reproduce this? To trigger it, create a new file:

   kwrite test.txt

Then, in the menu select "Tools->Indentation->C Style". And then place 
the text caret at the end of the line (right of the semicolon) and press 
enter to insert a new line. For me, this will crash Kate/Kwrite 100% of 
the time.

KWrite Version 17.08.1
Kate Version 17.08.1
Qt 5.7.1
Gentoo Linux (amd64)

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