Kmail without kdewallet?

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Thu Sep 7 11:05:11 BST 2017

On Thursday, 7 September 2017 10:09:08 AM NZST René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Thursday September 07 2017 19:35:58 cr wrote:
> >I installed Debian 9 on my server and it came with kmail 5.   I use mostly
> >Gnome apps, currently with LXDE desktop, Kmail's the only kde program I run
> >aside from k3b.    And it really is 'kdewallet'.
> kdewallet is the default name for the wallet file that kwallet will create
> for you unless told to do otherwise. The software is split in 2 projects:
> the KWallet framework and the kwalletmanager utility to interact with it.
> I'd be surprised if Debian deviated from their habits used "kdewallet" in
> their package names.

That's probably correct.   The pop-up box that asks for a password says 

> >At some point I think I will try uninstalling kdewallet and see what
> >breaks...
> You could probably figure out how to not USE the kwallet service - KDE PIM4
> has a fallback in which it stores passwords in hardly encrypted form in its
> own config (rc) files when kwallet isn't functioning. I never managed to
> get it to ask once (per session) for each email password and then cache
> that in memory, like you can with Thunderbird.

That's what Kmail does on my system (both the previous version 4 and the 
current version 5 if it can't find kdewallet) - ask once per session.

> I strongly doubt that you can uninstall the kwallet framework; that's a
> shared library and dependency for probably every PIM component that needs
> to be able to authenticate. Remove the library and all those components
> will refuse to launch.
> R.

OK, it looks like  a trawl through Kmail's config settings might be the first 
option.   Save trying to inactivate kwallet as a last resort.


Chris Rodliffe

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