Plasma search and one other

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Mar 23 13:56:33 GMT 2017

On Thursday March 23 2017 13:14:57 John wrote:

There's a simple reason for that: locate only catalogues filenames. It's a useful and quick way to know what files you have on your system and where. Baloo's main purpose is to find files by content and/or (I presume) metadata properties. It may also help you find things on the web, in your emails. Ideally your own google search.

>I try to catalogue my stuff via directories. It's the only way long term and I wish I could stick to doing it every time I add something.

I guess we all do, but there's a limit to how easily you can find that particular document containing that particular phrase even if you have a fair idea where it's stored (or not-so-fair because it could be stored in a number of directories).
I don't use Baloo on my Plasma4 desktop (largely because I've never sat down to get familiar with it, and my Linux rigs are not that powerful). But on my Mac I find the equivalent desktop search, Spotlight, quite useful.


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