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Duncan posted on Fri, 17 Mar 2017 05:48:36 +0000 as excerpted:

> However, FWIW, the window rule action for titlebar colorscheme is fairly
> new, and from what I can tell, still very bugged-out/broken.  It's
> effectively broken here.  It appears to do nothing, and most of the
> time, it resets to breeze no matter what I tried to reset it to.  And
> even tho it says breeze and that's not my default, it doesn't seem to
> do anything -- it doesn't change it from the custom scheme that /is/
> my default.

I just chanced to figure out what /part/ of the problem was, here!

While I believe it's a bug in the window-rules settings dialog that keeps 
resetting it to breeze under normal conditions, and I didn't figure out 
any more information about /that/ bug...

The reason I used the "most of the time" wording above, was that under 
some as yet not completely figured out conditions, perhaps including 
leaving the dialog /without/ actually hitting apply, the window-rule 
titlebar color scheme action /would/ actually stick and be the same when 
I returned to it, tho it didn't seem to actually make any difference.

What I just chanced to figure out, because in my experiments for this 
thread I left the color scheme on the window rule for one of my commonly 
used windows set to something entirely different than my normal scheme 
despite it not appearing to actually work...

... is that it /was/ actually working.

I just wasn't seeing it due to my selection of the plastik window 
decoration, which apparently doesn't have the quirk in it that allows the 
titlebar (itself, the actual titlebar) colorscheme to be set differently 
for different apps.  While (unlike the oxygen decoration, which appears 
to use the inactive titlebar color for both active and inactive) the 
plastik decoration does actually change the active and inactive titlebar 
colors to match the global color scheme, it forces all titlebars to the 
same global scheme, not allowing for kwin to set individual titlebars to 
a different colorscheme, as the breeze decoration (for instance) does.

So I wasn't seeing any changes in the titlebars themselves because of the 
plastik decoration.

But apparently I hadn't actually opened a titlebar window menu at the 
appropriate time to notice that despite the titlebar itself not changing 
color due to the plastik decoration not supporting that, the window menu 
*WAS* actually changing color to match the rule.

After having left the window rule color scheme setting set to something 
wild, eventually (just now!) I chanced to open the window menu for that 
titlebar, and despite the titlebar not changing color due to the plastik 
decoration apparently not supporting that, the window menu color *WAS* 

So it /was/ working, I just hadn't seen it.

After figuring out that the menus were showing up changed even if the 
titlebar itself wasn't, right away I realized it must be the window 
decoration I was using that prevented me from seeing the setting in the 
window titlebar itself.  So I quickly went to the window decorations 
setting and tried switching to breeze.  Sure enough, as soon as I did, 
the drastically different color scheme I had set for that window actually 
showed up.

And... with a bit more checking, I verified that indeed, with breeze set 
as the window decoration, both the menu background and foreground colors 
were that of the specified for that window titlebar colorscheme.  Same 
with plastik; altho it didn't actually change the titlebar color, it 
/did/ change both the background and foreground menu colors.  And with 
the oxygen decoration, it changed both foreground and background menu 
colors, as well as changing the titlebar color (to the inactive color 
even when active, since that's all it uses).

So what elements actually get changed do indeed appear to depend on the 
window decoration.  You mentioned qtcurve as your widget style, but I 
don't see what window decoration you're using.  Presumably, whatever it 
is only honors the menu text setting, while keeping the default menu 
background, just as oxygen seems to use inactive titlebar color for both 
active and inactive, while honoring both menu colors, and plastik honors 
both the menu colors but still uses the default titlebar colors.  Only 
breeze seems to honor all four elements, active and inactive titlebar 
colors, and foreground and background menu colors, for the window-rule 
selected titlebar color scheme instead of the global color scheme.

Meanwhile, now that I figured that out, I have to go try to figure out 
how to get that window's titlebar colorscheme setting back to default...  
Actually wasn't too hard as I could just uncheck the setting there, I 
didn't have to actually figure out what the bug is that keeps the setting 
from changing schemes most of the time when I'm actually trying to do 
that, and work around it.

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