Trying other desktops in different user accounts.

John_82 john_82 at
Tue Mar 14 21:06:35 GMT 2017

Not that I am changing from kde but I want to try this and at some point it will be kde in a different user account so that playing around wont mess up the one I usually use.

I just did this by creating an account that ran lxde. ;-) Ram usage lower than kde but I'd say similar cpu usage. I do wonder about that sort of thing as I loaded kde4 into nvg netbook and it was OK. Unlike the windows it came with.

I'm using opensuse leap42,2. I couldn't find a way of avoiding loading kde into the user account first and then adding lxde and then selecting that on login to the desktop. I found I had a mix of lxde apps and kde ones.

I then logged out and went back to my usual account not being aware that I should have selected kde before logging in so it came up lxde fashion. Oh dear logged out and then back in as kde. Problem I now have some lxde bits on the kde desktop - such as desktop links to folders that take 1 click to open and 2 to navigate - lxde's simpler file manager. I also had dolphin in the other account.

Asking about this elsewhere I was told probably incorrectly that it's kde's fault one way or the other and don't think that is correct. I suspect something stored the desktop setting as they were when I logged in incorrectly but I only installed lxde bits and pieces when I created the other account and it still had bits of kde in it. Even if I want to try a poor desktop I don't want anthing in it other than what should be in it.

So just what does store desktop configs where and how?


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