Notes widget: semi-transparent background

solitone solitone at
Mon Mar 6 17:03:20 GMT 2017

On Monday, 6 March 2017 07:03:31 CET solitone wrote:
> if I choose a translucent background, the widget becomes completely 
> transparent. Moreover, if I put a notes.svg that seems semi-transparent in
> my theme directory, the Notes widget becomes completely transparent,
> irrespective of what background color I choose for it.

In the end I copied the default notes.svgz to my theme directory, and edited 
it with inkscape, so that all colored backgrounds are now semi-transparent. 

I didn't touch the translucent background, which has a completely transparent 
background, and this is why the note widget appears completely transparent 
when I select this background. 

However, I think something goes wrong with it. In the SVG file it appears to 
have a thin border/shadow, but this border is not rendered at all when I 
select it as the widget background. Moreover, if I test and color it in black 
in inkscape, it still appears thouroughly transparent. I don't understand what 
is going on with it!


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