Screen power saves and goes off and desktop is lost on power up

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Mar 3 09:31:27 GMT 2017

On Friday March 3 2017 02:33:00 Duncan wrote:

>(1920x1080), and I've not had the problem since.  But I'm not sure 
>whether it was the way the one I damaged handled auto-power-down compared 
>to the new 4K and the other older one (by a different manufacturer), or a 
>plasma or frameworks fix during that time, that eliminated the problem. 

I hadn't realised until now that apparently the subject reads "the *monitor* enters power-saving mode and goes off ...".
That could be a whole different thing than plasma/X/whatever-software deciding it's time to save power. (FWIW I always tell the OS to suspend my systems rather than allowing the hardware to tell the OS it's suspending.)

Is there no way to ignore such signals coming in from the monitor? Even if ultimately you might want certain things to stop consuming CPU when they can no longer be seen it's probably not such a huge deal if that doesn't happen.

> firefox inhibiting auto-locking (but /not/ screen blanking and power-down)

Really? Is that possible nowadays with Plasma5? The failure to disable the screensaver automatically (or even by putting the mouse pointer in a hot corner) has always been one of the few big annoyances of Plasma4 for us.
OTOH, I cannot recall ever having seen the X server enter the screensaver or blanking while anything else but a screensaver was drawing on the screen, so the part in parentheses surprises me a bit.

Not that I would put my hand in the fire for it, my recent systems (laptops) all have DPMS disabled because they also have to function as audio source to my AV amp, and I have not figured out a way to keep audio-out-over-HDMI active when DPMS is activated (and thus apparently the GPU "shut off").


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