Screen power saves and goes off and desktop is lost on power up

ianseeks bingmybong at
Wed Mar 1 16:12:26 GMT 2017


I've got a situation where if i leave my computer long enough, with myself 
logged in, that the built power save on the screen turns the screen off, the 
desktop is lost (its a clack screen)  when the screen comes on again, my only 
solution is to ctrl-alt-backspace.
Anyone else with this issue?


Qt: 5.7.1
KDE Frameworks: 5.30.0
KDE Plasma: 5.9.2
kwin 5.9.2
kmail2 5.4.2
akonadiserver 5.4.2
Kernel:  4.10.1-1-default
Nouveau:  1.0.13_2.2

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