[resolved] need to launch multiple instances; no Tabs ....

FHDATA fhdata at unm.edu
Tue Jul 25 17:14:26 BST 2017

sorry if this gets to you twice, i don't recall I posted
what happened with this:

issue was unintended consequence of my  customization.

i had:

System Settings->Windows Behavior->Windows Behavior->Advanced tab

checked the Windows Tabbing's Automatically group similar windows.

i have un-checked that box now.

Thank you,

FHDATA wrote on 07/18/2017 07:49 PM:
> hello,
> I am new using KDE 4.14.8
> Due to my work I need to have multiple (in order of dozen)
> sessions open. Looking/working with tabs gives me
> headache (losing productivity).
> How can I launch separate instances of Konsole? or even xterm?
> As many as I like...  It's my computer ;-)
> By separate instance meaning a new Konsole or xterm window (not
> just another tab in same window).
> Thank you,
> F-

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