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Wed Jul 19 04:57:12 BST 2017

FHDATA posted on Tue, 18 Jul 2017 19:49:59 -0600 as excerpted:

> I am new using KDE 4.14.8
> Due to my work I need to have multiple (in order of dozen) sessions
> open. Looking/working with tabs gives me headache (losing productivity).
> How can I launch separate instances of Konsole? or even xterm? As many
> as I like...  It's my computer ;-)
> By separate instance meaning a new Konsole or xterm window (not just
> another tab in same window).

I've never had a problem with that, here, konsole-4 or konsole-5 
version.  I just launch konsole from the run dialog, or from a hotkey, or 
from konsole itself, and a new konsole window opens.

And at least on plasma5, selecting konsole from the applications menu 
opens a new window, not a new tab, as well, tho I don't use that method 
very often so actually had to test it to be sure, and thus don't remember 
how kde4/plasma4 behaved in that regard.

And I too run multiple konsole windows, up to 8 spread across a very 
large desktop (now a 65-inch/165cm 4k 3840x2160 TV as one monitor, with 
most windows including konsole standardized to 1280x1080 so I can run 
them three across and two high, with a 48-inch/122cm full-hd 1920x1080 TV 
as a second monitor (so I can run youtube or whatever full-screen on it 
without interrupting my main work, but sometimes it gets more work 
windows instead), sometimes with others konsole windows running on other 
virtual desktops, so believe me I'd know if it were a problem!

Now I /believe/ the taskbar konsole icon is set to launch only one window 
and if it's already running, activate it instead of launching another 
window, but I don't use a taskbar, preferring other window-switcher 
alternatives such as the alt-tab switcher or simply moving the mouse 
(with focus-follows-mouse so pointing to a different window normally 
activates it), so while I /believe/ that's what it does from what I've 
read, and if it behaves that way and you're only using it, it would 
explain your only getting one window, but I'm not even sure of that since 
I don't use a taskbar myself.

It's also possible that whatever distro you're running has configured 
konsole to open a new tab instead of a new window, when run from its menu 
and *.desktop file, tho the upstream kde konsole devs don't ship it that 
way.  You can check its properties and see.  If it has --new-tab as one 
of the command-line options, that'd do it.  Running kmenueditor should 
let you check and/or alter that for your user, if desired.

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