Akonadi won't go online.

Paul Brown paul.brown at kde.org
Sun Aug 20 08:48:06 BST 2017

On Sunday, 20 August 2017 07:51:55 CEST Volker Wysk wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 20. August 2017, 00:47:26 CEST schrieb Mike Diehl:
> > Some time ago, my computer crashed and had to be restarted
> > ungracefully....
> > 
> > Now, I'm unable to get my Kontact accounts to go online.
> > 
> > I have put mysql in recovery mode and restarted akonadi.  That produced a
> > slew of error messages but did not fix the problem.
> > 
> > Since my calendar and contacts are on a central server that I sync with
> > via
> > caldav/carddav, and my email is on an imap server, I'm thinking I can just
> > blow all of the mysql database away and start over.
> > 
> > So, I have a few questions:
> > 
> > Is there a problem with doing this?
> I'm not complete sure, but I think there isn't. I've done this in the past,
> and it worked.
> > Is there a better way?
> > 
> > Where does akonadi store it's data so I can delete it?
> In ~/.local/share/akonadi

This is the correct answer. But, be careful: you may lose some of you 

If you are using offline filters for a POP account, check that each filter are 
moving messages to the correct folders.

Also, if you have several identities, go to "Advanced" tab of each of your 
identities' settings and check the folders are correct there.

The last thing you will have to do is, if you use a different identity in 
different folders, right click on the folder, choose "Folder properties" and 
reassign the identity, because it will have gone back to the default identity.


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