Monitor configuration spoiled after reboot Plasma 5.10.2

I. Thomas kde at
Tue Aug 1 13:24:37 BST 2017

Dear all!
I have a notebook (screen resolution 1600x900) and attached via HDMI a second monitor 
(Full HD)
When I set up my second screen properly so that the laptop screen is off and the second 
external monitor is my primary display and then do a reboot, the second screen becomes 
a second screen again without task bar or widgets, but also the notebook screen is this 
way. So I do not see my true first desktop working area as I would if I had just booted the 

Only with Function + F8 hardware key combination for external monitor switching I can 
bring back my primary desktop image on the notebook, but then I have to reconfigure the 
second screen etc.
The other way is to unplug the second screen and then do a reboot (forced by "Power" 
hardware key as I have no access to start menu etc.)

My goal is to have laptop screen switched off and use the notebook with exteral screen so 
that after reboot the external screen is still the primary logical screen with task bar, menus 
and widgets.
Thank you very much in advance for helping!
Best regards,
I. Thomas
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