Why openSUSE uses KDE by default?

John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Apr 15 00:18:55 BST 2017

Having  used both gnome and early kde on suse rather than opensuse I can't say either are remotely like windows other than a window is a window. I switched from windows to linux with kde when it was on 2 point something. I did try gnome and immediately went back to kde. Having read gnomes latest aims it wouldn't interest me at all.

KDE did have all of those Kthis and that apps available on version 3. About because it was easy to produce them. Version 4 seemed to loose it's way in that respect. I have heard 5 is intended to be a sort of VM - if so a return to what it was maybe. About time too. I suspect 5 may have happened because 4 had too many blind avenues built in. Maybe 6 wont happen so quickly. Most of the changes seem pretty sensible to me. Taskbar icons disappearing when used is a right pain if some one wants to open 2 of what ever was launched. Dolphin search is currently crippled but I still use kmail 3 search and the linux level index. Cataloguing everything doesn't really fit in with my use of a machine.

OpenSuse factory as far as I know is Gnome. Unbuntu is Gnome. The probable reason for both going that way was what happened when kde went to 4. It wasn't too much of a problem on OpenSuse really once people realised that the dreaded search and indexing needed severely limiting in it's scope. Kmail4 wasn't a problem as KDEPIM3 was still available - for opensuse users. In fact I only stopped using it a month ago. Initially KDE4 was introduced in a release as few samples ;-) None of them worked but it didn't matter as 3 was still there. Factory needed to be solid so they went for gnome on that.

Currently I believe gnome has it's search built in so that several of it's standard apps need it to run. Sounds familiar? I've killed it all on 5 without any problems. I still seem to be able to search bookmarks from the start button menu - it's useless too so I need to find out how that is happening.

Opensuse seem to be pretty good at putting out decent releases of new KDE's. They seem to do that by making the earlier version disappear over a period of time. If people want that to happen more quickly they offer tumbleweed and will probably have some stability problems. I've tried a number of other distro's and have always gone back. For some one who just wants to mostly run a machine and use it I'm not convinced it can be beat really. Most things that need doing can be done from the desktop. Bug reports sometime get actions and the main releases are generally pretty stable.

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Alec Bloss <hopefullifetwo at gmail.com> wrote:

> To be honest, as long as I can remember (pre Novell even) SuSE used KDE as
> the default desktop. At the time I suspect that KDE was viewed as a more
> Windowsishy experience than GNOME and that may, or may not, have had some
> influence.
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