Why openSUSE uses KDE by default?

Mikhail Krutov nekoxmachina at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 20:28:40 BST 2017


I've a question regarding that discussion. A part of the
discussion is a mention of distrowatch statistics.
So, question being:
If I use Fedora, which defaults to Gnome, but I use Fedora
KDE Spin, do I get counted towards GNOME user-count?

Thats meaningless statistics, given that even if you install
your system from a given installation source with given list
of pre-installed packages, you still can switch the DE at

Also, polls from russian linux.org.ru [1] show that it used to split
50/50 between gnome and kde two years ago. Given that in mind,
if you would check most russian distributions (RUFedora Remix, etc),
you would discover that most of them ship GNOME by-default.

The question itself has a right to live, however it should not be
asked in high-level inaccurate statistical terms. Hold a voting on
forums or something, even this would give you better results.

[1] https://www.linux.org.ru/polls/polls/11977106


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