Kmail 5.1.3 spell checking cannot be switched off - freezes Plasma!

Ingo Thomas kde at
Wed Oct 19 07:08:30 BST 2016

Dear all!
I have the problem that spell checking cannot be switched off. I know the 
switches for this, but still when I want to send the email the spell checking 
starts and - much worse - after going through it right in the moment when I 
want to send the email all buttons are blocked, I can see that CPU activity 
rises to about 90% and then Plasma is frozen.

In one account I had German dictionary for regular spell check but English 
dictionary for auto correction. I set this both to German, but I suspect there 
might be a conflict still "under the hood". Anyhow this should not freeze whole 
Plasma (5.65 in this case).

Please help to switch that off! Otherwise I think Kmail has much evolved is 
great to use! Thanks to all of you who participate in the development!

Kind regards,

I. Thomas

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