bug? : Kmail message preview pane layout

Peter Lewis peterl at avex.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 18:25:41 BST 2016

The display pane is in a split pane format so try to move your mouse to the 
right of the message list and see if you can find the mouse pointer for 
resizing a split pane. This is usually a vertical line with an outward facing 
arrow on each side.
If you find this then draw if towards the list until the message pane appears. 
It has a minimum size below which it can not be seen.

Kindest regards

Peter Lewis

On Friday 14 Oct 2016 16:55:10 Ingo Thomas wrote:
> Dear all!
> This is my first email to the KDE mailing list. I hope to contribute
> fruitfully to the development of KDE Plasma and KDE apps through sending
> reasonable feedback.
> I am not sure, if this way is the best way for my intention, but please
> instruct me otherwise, if this email does not fit the purpose of this email
> list. And all of you who do contribute to KDE : keep up the GOOD work :-)
> -----
> I cannot enable the mail message preview pane RIGHT besides the list of
> messages. When I switch layout to "below" it works fine. I use Mint 18 KDE
> as OS. It has Plasma 5.65 installed.
> If somebody knows how to edit the respective config files to get rid of the
> problem, I would be happy to read some instructions. In general this of
> course should not happen and I am quite sure this is a bug.
> Thank you very much in advance for caring!
> Best regards,
> IT

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