So what's happening to khotkeys in plasma 5.9?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sat Oct 8 06:50:48 BST 2016

Duncan posted on Wed, 05 Oct 2016 10:37:49 +0000 as excerpted:

> Running gentoo/kde's live-git kde packages and updating today, I see
> commits to gentoo's packages with the comment that khotkeys is going
> away in 5.9, but no pointers to upstream discussion as to why or where
> the functionality is going, etc.
> What's happening to it and why?  Where is the functionality moving?
> (A pointer to the relevant kde mailing list discussion would probably
> suffice.)

Looking into it a bit closer, I see that khotkeys only deals with the 
"custom shortcuts" kcm, not the globals (which kglobalaccel deals with I 
believe) and not the application-level defaults either.

Tho "custom shortcuts" enables the per-app shortcuts, as set in kde/
plasma, along with konqueror gestures, etc.

But as it happens I ported all my shortcuts of that nature away from kde 
some time ago, with the main work happening when kde4 broke chained-key 
shortcuts that worked fine in kde3, and never fixed them.  And I'm 
running sxhkd (simple X hotkey daemon) these days as well, as part of a 
solution to enable commands via touchpad gestures using the multi-touch 
input driver, and ported the last bits from kde to it when I switched to 

So I don't actually have anything using khotkeys any more anyway, 
primarily because kde has been demonstrated to have multiple short term 
solutions that they keep breaking every few years, forcing people to 
learn and reconfigure for something new.

After I figured that out I could simply uninstall khotkeys, since I was 
no longer using its functionality in any way anyway.

I suppose that's why they're removing it.  There's few using it any more, 
because they keep breaking the solution they offer and forcing people to 
reconfigure for a new one.  Oh, well...

Tho I imagine I'll have to figure out something else when I switch to 
wayland.  But fortunately, most of my setup is my own scripts, needing 
only a handful (or even just one) of global hotkeys controlled by 
whatever external solution.  So it shouldn't be too bad, as long as I can 
find something to give me at least that one launch key necessary to 
launch my own scripted hotkey system.

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