Tilak Waelde tilak.waelde at tik.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Nov 23 15:18:28 GMT 2016


for some time now I've been using a KDE session running i3wm as windowmanager 
in the background (basically identical to this configuration [0]): I set up i3 
to be used as the sessions windowmanager and place some file in the autostart 
directory, in order to make krunner and the plasmashell to start with the 
'Hidden=true' option.

Now with Plasma 5.75 the graphical configuration option in the systemsettings 
is gone. The '--windowmanager' option of the ksmserver is still there, so I 
can still make my usual setup work. I adapted my new session configuration by 
basically copying the configuration of the 'openbox-kde-session' package, which 
sets the 'KDEWM' variable to 'openbox' before starting the KDE session. In my 
case I still have to manage the autostart files in my users homedirectory which 
feels like a bad solution to my problem. I'd really like to have the i3-kde-
session to be separate from the normal plasma desktop, so I can switch 
whenever I like. 

Is there any way to tell the ksmserver to start krunner and plasmashell with 
the 'Hidden=true' option, possibly by setting 'KSMSERVEROPTIONS' before 
executing 'startkde'?

Thanks in advance!


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