Willing to pay for kmail help

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Tue Nov 15 09:25:44 GMT 2016

you likely don't have to pay anyone.

Please see:


This was a regression in akonadi due to a security fix in MySQL.  The patch
for this is being put through the Debian security channels and should be
out soon?
​  I don't know what the patch will entail to fix broken USER copies (!/.​
​local/share/akonadi/mysql.conf) automatically, and maybe it won't, so see
below for a quick command to fix the files in question to work with the new
version of MySQL.​

before running this command, you may want to make a copy of either of these
files first.
The 'sed' below will try to save a copy with the suffix '.bak', but if you
run the command twice and something goes wrong, you'll overwrite the .bak
again with what could be a mangled edit.

To fix at the system level, use the following 'sed' inline script:
  sed -i.bak -e '/^\[client\]/isecure_file_priv=\n\n'

To fix for an individual user:  (you'll likely have to do this for all
users, as it appears akonadi creates this file the first time it starts for
a user by copying from /etc/akonadi/mysql-global.conf.  It likely never
checks that file again, unless the user's copy of it gets deleted)
  sed -i.bak -e '/^\[client\]/isecure_file_priv=\n\n'

What this does is include the directive "secure_file_priv=" right before
the "[client]" section of the file.
​(MySQL uses a standard "INI" style configuration file of the form
So, you have to get the 'secure_file_priv' directive in the right section.​

If you have heavily edited that file, it might not work, and you'd have to
do it manually.  Please see the example:

​It may be most helpful after updating your files to logout and login again
(rather than trying to manually start akonadi up)​

​Good Luck.​


On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 10:23 PM, John White, Jr. <whitelaw at aol.com> wrote:

> I run a small business and use kmail  Today it just quit, saying that
> akonadi won't start.  I can't start it and thus can't get to my email (
> john at lawquest.com).
> If anyone is kind enough to help, I will pay at least $100 to get it going
> and more if need be.
> Since kmail is down, I am having to use my old aol email (whitelaw at aol.com
> ).
> Thanks
> John White
> White Law Chartered
> 335 W 1st St.
> Reno, NV 89503 USA
> 775-322-8000 work
> 775-313-9104 (sip phone)
> 775-322-1228 (fax)

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