controlling location of trash on per-filesystem basis?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Fri May 13 13:58:18 BST 2016

On Wednesday, 2016-05-11, 15:33:13, D. R. Evans wrote:
> System: debian jessie; KDE 4.14.2.
> Typically, I have about 20 filesystems of various kinds mounted on my
> desktop system.
> How do I control, per filesystem, whether files sent to trash from that
> filesystem go to a .Trash-<nnnn> directory located on that same filesystem
> or whether they go to the home trash located at ~/.local/share/Trash?

I am not sure this is possible, at least the specification on 
doesn't mention any related configuration capability.

It does, however, list which requirements a top level trash directory has to 
fulfill to be considered a worth target directory, not sure though if that 

Of course KDE's implementation could allow for certiain configurability within 
the confines of the spec, but someone would have to check the code of kio_trash 
for that.

> (Right now, the behaviour seems to be always to create and use a trash
> directory on the filesystem of the file being trashed.)

Right, the main reason being, as far as I understand, that "move" on the same 
file system is usually instantanious while "move" across file systems is 
bascially a lengthy copy operation followed by a delete of the original.

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