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Martin Koller kollix at aon.at
Thu Jul 14 07:20:19 BST 2016

On Wednesday 13 July 2016 18:32:57 Albert Vaca wrote:
> Hi,
> A few weeks ago I was playing with Kolourpaint's sources (I used it as a
> test package to port it to Windows), and I think the frameworks branch is
> ready to be merged into master.
> Is there any reason this can't be done? Is the project just unmaintained?
> I wouldn't mind being the maintainer (it probably doesn't need too much
> attention) if required.
> If nobody disagrees I will merge frameworks into master before 16.08
> dependency freeze so the next release can be Qt5-based.

For the records: I merged the frameworks branch into master yesterday.
(I'm the current maintainer)

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