"autistic" Konsole

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 10:20:57 BST 2016

On Tuesday July 12 2016 09:00:38 Duncan wrote:

>So opening a new window via the menu gives you a similarly afflicted 
>window.  But that doesn't mention how you're opening a new konsole window 
>that you believe is in a new process, that's free of the problem.

True. By launching konsole with the full path from an unafflicted terminal emulator. I use the full path anyway to be sure I get either konsole4 or konsole5, and since I started getting this issue I always have at least one konsole4 and one konsole5 window open.
I checked now: this does give me a new process.

>BTW, do konsole hotkeys still work?  I'd assume so, but...

Like Shift-Ctrl-V for pasting? No, they don't. As I said, only the menu actions work.

>So it's not happening regularly enough to be sure when typing in a text 
>VT login.  You just know it happens occasionally in a konsole window.

You mean one of those virtual consoles? No, I never work long enough in those.
What I could do is try to force myself to work in xterms exclusively for a while, but they're a bit annoying with copy/pasting to and from Qt-based applications. A GTk-based terminal might be a more evident choice.

>weeks now as I just bought a house.  But unless you're running /real/ new 
>or live-git kde as well, I'm very likely running newer code, which for 
>all I know wouldn't be affected.)

My KF5 stuff is fairly new and built from source, idem for Qt.

>the limited space offered by those for long enough to try to trigger it, 
>but knowing whether "non-konsole konsoles" exhibit the same issue would 
>be another data point.

As you say, the terminal features in Kate etc. are based on Konsole too, so they'd likely be affected ... if I managed to trigger the issue in them. I doubt I'd be able to tell an afflicted Konsole process to open a terminal view in Kate or KDevelop, and I already know that a new Konsole process won't be afflicted. I also know that already running Konsole processes do not get afflicted all at once, so the 1st thing to do would really be figuring out how to trigger the issue.

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