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Christoph Pleger posted on Wed, 06 Jul 2016 14:03:18 +0200 as excerpted:

> Hello,
> in KDE 5, is it possible to change the background image which is shown
> during the login animation and after activation of the screensaver?

Yes, but there's actually three places to change the two different 
elements, depending on exactly what you want to change.  All three are in 
kde system settings.

The broad based theme setting, which should change both of these but will 
change a bunch of other stuff at the same time, is in the appearance 
section, workspace theme, look and feel.  Repeating, this is a broad 
setting that will change a lot of stuff, so you probably only want to do 
it when you're first setting up or when you haven't already spent quite 
some time customizing, so everything's already at the defaults and you 
can get back to that pretty easily if you don't like all the changes by 
just selecting the appropriate theme once again.

The splash screen only setting is close by, also under appearance, 
workspace theme, but splash screen (what else? =:^) instead of the more 
general look and feel.  Options will be limited unless you've installed 
additional themes, either as packaged by your distro or from kdelook.

The lock screen setting is elsewhere in kde settings, under workspace, 
desktop behavior, screen locking.  There you should see a custom 
background option that will let you browse and select the image of your 
choice, as unlike the splash screen this isn't an entire theme with 
several images and other settings that's installed as a single set, just 
a single image.

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