How to start KDE5? Where are the docs?

Bernt bernt at
Tue Jul 5 08:32:57 BST 2016


as I did (successfully) with KDE4 I now try to install KDE5 from sources.

I managed to compile and install to ${KDE} frameworks-5.23,
plasma-5.6.5 and several of the applications-16.04.2
(kernel-4.4.14, qt-5.6.1, gcc-5.3)

Only now, when I try to execute "${KDE}/bin/startkde"
from a terminal window, no windowmanager or desktopsystem
running, the only thing that happens:
the background becomes black and then nothing more...
(of course there are many log-lines in the terminal)

So obviously I need to find some docs how to start KDE5,
like what script(s) to start (startkde?), which environment variable(s)
to set (and what they mean) and whatever things more to follow.
Only I was not able to find such a guide/howto/whatever.

Can someone please point me to the correct place?

Related questions are:
Why does, e.g., okular-16.04.2 insists to look for kde4-config
(which I don't have) and what do I need to install to get it
within this environment?

Can I stay with kwin_x11 or do I need to use kwin_wayland already?
And where to decide between these two?
(And would the latter mean that I need xwayland too?)

Best regards,

Bernt Christandl

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