Calligra Plan: Schedule Overbooking

Victor Aprea victor.aprea at
Fri Jan 29 23:09:02 GMT 2016

Hi all,

I'm just getting my feet wet with Calligra Plan, and I'm liking it so far.
Kudos to the devs! I've got a question on the Schedule calculation though,
and I'm hoping someone out there can give me a nudge in the right
direction. I created a resource-loaded schedule with one Resource, then I
made a new Schedule, and I chose "Avoid" for the "Overbooking" field, then
I click "Calculate."

When I go to the "Resource Assignments (Gantt)" view, hough, my one
resource nevertheless appears to be overbooked (i.e. there are sequences of
red blocks in the Gantt chart for that Resource and the stacked assignments
exceed availability of the resource in those periods), and the project
certainly fits well within the stated start and end dates of the main
project. So i can't imagine that the overbooking is really "unavoidable."
Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong here or misunderstanding?

FWIW my system config is:
Ubuntu 14.04LTS x64
Plan Version 2.8.1
Using KDE Development Platform 4.13.3
[Installed via Synaptic Package Manager]

Kind Regards,
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