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Franklin Weng posted on Wed, 20 Jan 2016 21:12:01 +0800 as excerpted:

> The [1] in previous mail is :
> And I've found some data in
> 2016-01-20 20:57 GMT+08:00 Franklin Weng <franklin at>:
>> Hi,
>> In my Kubuntu 15.10 when I tried to add an activity, I didn't see any
>> activity template like in Plasma 4.  In plasma 4 (kubuntu 14.04) I had
>> templates like newspaper, search and launch, folder, ... etc.  In
>> Plasma 5 they were gone, and I didn't find any documents about this. 
>> All I found is this page[1], describing 11 activities in KDE Plasma. 
>> Could anyone please tell me how to "generate" a, for example,
>> search-n-launch activity like in Plasma 4?

For search-and-launch specifically, as the datamation article says, in 
plasma5, this is a widget.  More specifically, it's one of three launch 
widget choices, the other two being the kickoff menu that's the default 
on both plasma4 and 5, and the more traditional launch menu with submenu 
flyouts.  The third launch alternative, however, is the full-screen 
search-and-launch, similar to the activity from plasma4.

Folderview is still an activity option (unlock widgets and select desktop 
settings in the pancake or desktop context menu, then under wallpaper, 
set the layout to folderview), as is the (default) desktop with normal 

The newspaper view was part of the plasma-active project.  I'm not sure 
if it'll be back in the same form in plasma5 or not, but if so, it's 
still on the to-do list, as it doesn't appear to be available currently.  
Similiarly the other special-purpose templates like media desktop, etc, 
tho those were pretty much just variants of the default plasmoid desktop, 
with different default widgets.  To the extent that there's similar 
widgets in plasma5 (there's not the variety of plasmoids for plasma5 yet, 
that there were for plasma4, only 17, IIRC, on kdelook, as of yesterday 
or the day before), you can of course configure something very similar 
yourself, it's just not an available preset any longer.

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