keyboard layout being changed for KDE applications only (and a list question)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Jan 11 10:46:56 GMT 2016


I have a question about undesirable keyboard layout behaviour under KDE4, and one about this list itself.

I have a regular need to write French text, if not only because there's an e-acute in my name. As a long-term Mac user, the "US (Macintosh)" layout is the most natural layout for me. It turns provides logical deadkey combinations where the AltGr key is a required modifier.
For instance, AltGr+e is the deadkey for the acute accent; AltGr+e,e becomes an e-acute, AltGr+`,a becomes an a-grave and so on.

This has always worked, still worked for my 1st email this morning, and now it's the second time that the deadkeys have gone "live" in the sense that AltGr+e immediately gives me a lonely acute accent. 
Testing the most important combinations that ought to be deadkeys, without entering the "release" key corresponding to the character that ought to receive the accent:
(AltGr+e AltGr+` AltGr+u AltGr+i AltGr+n) -> (´ ` ¨ ^ ~)
It's like my spacebar is stuck, except that it isn't ...

The keyboard layout is still the correct one in SystemSettings (and ~/.kde/share/config/kxkbrc), and cycling it to and from another layout doesn't resolve the issue.
Curiously, only KDE4 applications are affected. My GTk/Gnome applications still use the correct layout (including Google Chrome), and so do the KF5 applications I'm building and installing into /opt/local .

Any idea what causes this, and how to resolve it other than by logging off and back in or even rebooting? Is there a KDE daemon that is responsible for this and that should be restarted (restarting kglobalaccel doesn't solve anything)?

As to the list question: is this list archived on gmane and if so, under what name?

Ren´e (grrrr....)
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