Plasma 5: Akonadi and slow start

Yaroslav Pronin proninyaroslav at
Mon Aug 1 09:26:14 BST 2016

> Yaroslav Pronin posted on Sun, 31 Jul 2016 10:41:54 +0300 as excerpted:
> > Hello. For a long time (Plasma 5, Fedora and ArchLinux) I have noticed
> > that if use akonadi, the startup time is markedly increased (black
> > screen 1-1.5 minute after login). I read a lot about this problem, but
> > working solution I haven't found. Is there a way to use akonadi without
> > effect a slow start?

Many thanks for the detailed answer :^) Yes, I'm currently using HDD in my 
main PC and plan to buy SSD, but on my MacBook Air I also noticed a slight 
delay during Akonadi startup, I think that your script will help me. 
Apparently it's a disease of Akonadi. 

>As mentioned, I believe the issue is fragmented IO, as either a few large 
>and highly fragmented files, or a whole bunch of smaller files that 
>individually aren't fragmented as they're small, but that happen to be 
>scattered all over your storage device, but either way, that akonadi 
>reads into memory as it starts.

About fragmentation: 
in my home directory stored a lot of git projects, which consist of hundreds 
of thousands small files, I think that they are the cause poor performance of 
my HDD. Can help me moving git projects to a separate logical partition?
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