Mapping physical screens to KDE containments

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Tue Apr 19 12:11:57 BST 2016

Duncan posted on Tue, 19 Apr 2016 06:16:59 +0000 as excerpted:

> So some more to test, but I did prove that restarting plasmashell,
> possibly after calling xrandr --dpi 96 (as I did in this case simply
> because I tried that before the plasmashell restart, but I don't yet
> know if it's necessary), does get me back my full size volume change
> icons after they've been lost, whether it's the monitors powering down
> that loses them or not.

With a bit more testing I found that simply manually turning off one of 
the monitors, and then back on, would trigger the tiny/empty sound icon 
for that monitor, while it would still work correctly on the other 

But restarting plasmashell would correct the problem, without ever 
running xrandr --dpi 96 or the like.

So the missing volume icon is pretty clearly a side effect of turning off 
kscreen's background service so plasmashell doesn't get notified thru it 
of monitors coming and going, but restarting plasmashell restores it to 

Meanwhile, I've not seen the previous problems yet, so turning off the 
kscreen service really does seem to have cured them, albeit with that 
minor side effect.  But I can restart plasmashell and fix the missing 
icon with a whole lot less hassle than necessary to fix the other issues 
if kscreen is running, so I'll leave it off.

So pending further posts to the thread otherwise, I'll declare this a 
usable workaround here, and consider the problem now worked around.

Thanks again for the hint to go looking at that kscreen service. =:^)

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