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Tue Apr 19 04:29:31 BST 2016

Duncan posted on Sun, 17 Apr 2016 08:46:39 +0000 as excerpted:

> Felix Miata posted on Fri, 15 Apr 2016 00:49:22 -0400 as excerpted:
>> Never having configured either a triple display setup, or multi with
>> LVDS, I can only speculate that blocking kscreen control of display
>> configuration could work as well as it does here with only two and no
>> hotplugging. Put the following in ~/.config/kded5rc:
>> 	[Module-kscreen]
>> 	autoload=false
>> Configuration entirely via xorg.conf, or alternatively, via xrandr in a
>> startup script, is prerequisite to this working as desired.
> I haven't tried it yet, but thanks for pointing me in this direction as
> it appears promising! =:^)

> [...] Perhaps more interesting for most users, the GUI to change the
> settings in this file appears to be kde systemsettings, startup and
> shutdown, background services.
> The specific setting in question there is in the lower-half startup
> services list, kscreen 2.
> So I've located both the file and the GUI setting in question, and have
> the kscreen service configured off, now.  I'll see how that goes, and
> will I expect follow up with my results in a few days.

Intermediate update:

I've been running with kscreen2 turned off for a day or so now, and went 
to sleep with the computer on last nite.  When I woke up the monitors 
were off, and presumably had been for some hours, so it was a good time 
to check whether turning off kscreen had helped.

With just that one test, it definitely seems to have helped! =:^)  The 
activities and panels all came back where they were supposed to be, and 
krunner pops up normally, not offscreen somewhere! =:^)

Possible side effect:  kmix's popup that normally appears in the middle 
of the monitor I'm on when I hit the volume-up/down button on my 
keyboard, still pops up, but is /tiny/, perhaps 16x16px, instead of the 
normal I'd guess 256x256.

But with just one test I'm not really sure either the apparent good 
effects or the possible bad one are related to turning off kscreen, just 

Also, kscreen_backend still logs to journald (presumably, I actually 
monitor the filtered syslog-ng text-log file, where I've been gradually 
adding filters to kill all the noise kde apps seem to generate since I've 
switched to the kde live-git packages, but I've not added one for kscreen-
backend yet, so I still saw this).

BTW, I've been going to look to see where/if I can turn down this noise, 
something about a kdebug setting or something, from what I've seen 
before, but I obviously had it off by default then and I guess it's 
turned on somewhere by default on the live-git packages I'm running (via 
gentoo) now, so I didn't really worry about it then.  If anyone has a 
hint or link on that, it'll save me some time looking later and likely 
quite some additional frustration between now and then, so I'd sure 
appreciate it.  =:^)

Anyway, that's the initial test results.  I'll try to post again later 
with confirmation when I have results over a somewhat longer testing 
period.  So far, looks good, as I can live with the tiny kmix display 
thing a lot easier than I can the constant problems with plasmashell and 
krunner putting stuff in the wrong place after I turn the monitors back 
on after letting them idle-power-down. =:^)

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