Contacting for help with KMail- and KDE- difficulties

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Am Thursday, 7. April 2016, 18:22:18  Ben Cooksley wrote:
Thank you very much for your answer:
> Hi Jürgen,
> You've reached the KDE Sysadmins, who are responsible for the
> operation of the infrastructure supporting
> I'm afraid we can't offer any assistance in relation to problems you
> may be facing with KMail.
> I'd recommend posting details on your issue on the KDE Forums at
Sorry: I never posted to a forum
> or sending an email to the KDE users
> (kde at or KDE PIM users (kdepim-users at mailing
> lists.
That I have done with this email.
> Regards,
> Ben Cooksley
> KDE Sysadmin

I found:
[1] Restore and Import in KMail[2]
Using KMail

*Restore and Import in KMail*
This section describes restoring backups and importing in KMail
*Restoring backed up email and settings*
Tools → Export KMail Data...
If you used PIM Setting Exporter to backup local email and or settings, please use it 
again to import back into KMail. See pimsettingexporter[5] for details.
*Importing options in KMail*
Tools → Import Wizard...
KMail has an import wizard to make the transition from another email application 
extremely easy. Please see Import Wizard[6] for details.
File → Import Messages...
KMail can easily import several file formats from the following applications with 
the KMailCVT tool found in :
My Problem: I'm working with Ubuntu and don't know how to start 
pimsettingexporrter, Import Wizard or KMailCVT .

[5] help:/pimsettingexporter
[6] help:/importwizard
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