Mapping physical screens to KDE containments

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Fri Apr 15 04:58:18 BST 2016

Nick Coghlan posted on Fri, 15 Apr 2016 11:59:16 +1000 as excerpted:

> P.S. I know the underlying multiple monitor support in X11 is pretty
> terrible, so it wouldn't shock me to learn that this won't be 100%
> reliable until after Wayland is usable as the default display server :)

On my setup it shouldn't be so hard, regardless of what order the 
monitors enumerate in when coming back from monitor power-down, etc.

1) I have the exact same hardware configured in the same layout the 
entire time.

2) The layout configuration is in xorg.conf.  That directory and the 
files inside are readable by all, so if kde/plasma has a problem getting 
it right, all they have to do is use the xorg.conf configuration.

3) Xorg/kwin apparently gets it right, as the pointer still moves from 
monitor to correct monitor upon hitting the expected edge of the first.

Given that the xorg pointer remains correct, xorg's view of the situation 
remains correct.  It's only plasma that can't figure things out, with 
krunner appearing offscreen until restarted, panels appearing on the 
wrong monitor/randr-screen, and activities as well deciding they want to 
switch monitors.

If xorg has it correct, as it does because the pointer still moves 
correctly between monitors, then xorg screen and randr screen coordinates 
must still be correct.

And other windows, including the ones set to specific coordinates by kwin 
window rules, go to the correct location.

It's only plasma and krunner that continue to get things so spectacularly 

Why I don't know, but it can't be blamed on xorg when only plasma and 
krunner have the problem, everything else works as expected.

Indeed, to the extent that plasma sets distinct window properties so I 
can, I'm able to set window rules for it as well, and the windows then 
behave according to those rules.  Unfortunately, plasma sets the same 
title and class properties on a whole bunch of unrelated windows and 
apparently no longer sets window role at all, so that doesn't work as it 
should, either.  =:^(

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