Mapping physical screens to KDE containments

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Mon Apr 11 04:06:01 BST 2016

Nick Coghlan composed on 2016-04-11 12:42 (UTC+1000):

> Using a multi-monitor setup under Plasma 5 (Fedora 23), I have a
> problem where the configured panel applet will disappear and not come
> back if an external monitor is reconfigured to clone the laptop
> monitor, and then switched back to being an independent screen.

Looks like you must have found the explanation why I have a whole bunch of 
F23 and F24 installations in which I never see a panel any more. I'm never 
using a laptop, but I do have several multi-output gfxcards to which I only 
sometimes connect more than one display. When I do, it's always in an 
extended desktop mode configured manually either using xrandr or xorg.conf* 
via /etc/X11*.
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