Plasma 5 as a daily driver?

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Mon Nov 9 20:01:36 GMT 2015

Ian Pilcher composed on 2015-11-09 13:40 (UTC-0600):

> With Fedora 21 about to reach its end of life, I'm trying to set up
> Plasma 5 on Fedora 23, and it's proving to be ... challenging.

> Here are the significant issues I've encountered in my first day or so
> of working on this.  Workarounds for any of these would be appreciated.

> * No desktop on 2nd display - This occurs the first time that I log in
>    after every reboot.  My second display is black; no wallpaper is
>    displayed, and mouse clicks have no effect, although it is possible
>    to move windows to the 2nd display.  Logging out and logging back in
>    makes the desktop display properly on the 2nd display.

> * Unable to set fixed konsole size - This one is known
>    (, but it's been more
>    than 9 months since this was reported, and the lack of activity in
>    git and Bugzilla makes me think this bug is going to be with us for a
>    long time.

> * System Tray (or other panel widget) overlaps panel "cashew" - Having
>    a System Tray widget anywhere in my panel causes the right-most widget
>    to overlap the panel "cashew" (which isn't a cashew anymore, but I
>    don't know what else to call it).

> * Lack of (functional) CapsLock/NumLock widget - This shouldn't be an
>    issue, because decent hardware should have these LEDs built in.  Since
>    laptop manufacturers are intent on crapifying the world, however, this
>    is pretty much a requirement these days.  The only widget I've found,
>    Key State, doesn't calculate its width properly; the result is yet
>    more overlap.

> * Turning on the date display in the Digital Clock causes ... more
>    overlap.

> These panel overlap bugs are pretty bad.  It's really hard to get the
> panel set up in a usable fashion.

> All in all, I find myself wondering if other people are really using
> Plasma 5 as a "daily driver" (or is my usage really so different that
> others aren't hitting these bugs).

No way I could use Plasma5 in its current state as primary DE.

Indeed there are other options (the latter following can coexist with Plasma5):
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