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Hussam Al-Tayeb me at
Wed Nov 4 11:33:51 GMT 2015

On Wed, 2015-11-04 at 10:06 +0000, Duncan wrote:
> Same general answer here, but with a couple additional notes:
> * Firefox:  There is an option, exposed by the configuration mania 
> extension if you have it installed but what config mania does is
> simply 
> provide a UI option to change options you'd otherwise have to change
> via 
> about:config editor, so obviously it's an about:config option
> regardless 
> of whether config mania is installed or not...
> Anyway, in configuration mania, the option is UI > Other > Bottom of
> the 
> page > Use XUL file picker even if system file picker is available.  
> Looking at about:config, I think the option there is 
> ui.allow_platform_file_picker.
> If it's set to allow platform/system, the file picker appears to be
> the 
> standard gtk-based picker.  If it's set to XUL/disallow-platform,
> it's a 
> firefox-specific file picker described in mozilla-specific XUL.
> What I don't know for sure, as here I'm building firefox against
> gtk2-
> only, is whether firefox when set to use the platform picker and
> build 
> against gtk3 (which some distros apparently do now, but it apparently
> only builds some of firefox, presumably the GUI, against gtk3, I'm
> told 
> gtk2 is still a dep), would use the gtk3-based file picker (I'd guess
> so 
> since it's part of the GUI), or still use the gtk2-based picker.
> It may be that firefox is using the opposite gtk file picker compared
> to 
> the other gtk-based apps, or it may be that the allow-platform option
> is 
> turned off, so it's using the internal xul-based picker.  You could
> try 
> toggling the option and see what the effect is...
> * LibreOffice: I don't use this package here so my information on it
> is 
> based on the reports of others, but apparently, there's code out
> there, 
> shipped by at least one distro, that switches libreoffice to using a
> kde-
> based dialog, despite the fact that it's normally a gtk-based
> app.  What 
> little I know about it actually came from a thread on either this
> list or 
> the kde-linux list, so to those interested I'd suggest looking in the
> list archives for both lists.  I did get the impression, however,
> that 
> it's configurable, either by the kde integration being a separate 
> optional package that can be installed or not, or by some
> configuration 
> option, somewhere.  More than that I didn't really pickup, however, 
> because it's kinda difficult to follow details when you don't have
> the 
> package installed, yourself.  So the best I can offer is to suggest
> to 
> check your distro's package listing for something like libre-office-
> kde, 
> or as I said, to google it either in the list archives or in general 
> (which may well be faster).

Firefox and libreoffice are not gtk+ applications. They have their own
toolkits which in turn can use Windows APIs, gtk+, etc.. to draw
elements though not all of them. Those intermediate toolkits don't
automatically inherit the theming from Windows/gtk+,etc.. (which is why
the far from perfect theming).
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