File selectors

Bogus Zaba bogsub at
Tue Nov 3 15:23:37 GMT 2015

Is there any way of forcing just one file selector to be used by all
applications working within the KDE Environment.

I am using Slackware 14.1 with KDE 14.10.5 and currently I see at least
three different selectors:

    o    One in native KDE applications (Gwenview, digikam etc)
    o    One in various non-KDE apps (GIMP, LibreOffice etc)
    o    One unique (I think) to Firefox

I neither love nor hate any of them but would prefer it if I got the
same selector every time I wanted to open or save a file.

I appreciate that this is a rather basic question and I believe that it
has been discussed previously but I have not found an answer through
searching in past discussion.



Dr Bogumil N Zaba	

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