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Tue Mar 3 21:49:39 GMT 2015

Kevin Krammer posted on Tue, 03 Mar 2015 20:26:39 +0100 as excerpted:

> Like with any other type of software, different users' needs will always
> align more or less with one products approach and align very differently
> with anothers.
> Hence there being different products in the first place :)

Thanks. =:^)

The other points understood, but this one 100% agreed and then some! =:^)

This is effectively the user-exposed-side of why I entirely disagree with 
all the folks saying there's too many distros, and it applies equally 
well to email clients, so thanks for making the point.

To the extent that developers are users too, and developers and developer 
resources (time and skill, primarily, with time/money being 
interchangeable within limits) are limited, the need/demand for a variant 
solution will always be balanced with resource supply.  Thus, by 
definition, there /can't/ be "too many" distros, "too many" email 
clients, "too many" of /any/ software solution variant, because there 
immediately ceases to be more produced the moment a balance between 
developer resources and demand/need is reached.  By definition, then, the 
balance must always be "just about right".  Altho there can be /minor/
/temporary/ aberrations from that dynamic balance as after all it /is/ 
dynamic, to the extent that demand and developer resources exist, such 
aberrations will always be just that, temporary and minor.

Which is why I'm at the same time glad I'm no longer on kmail, as it no 
longer fits my needs, with it changing, not my needs, and yet also 
thankful it is still developed, for those whose needs it continues to 
meet reasonably well, where my now current solution, claws-mail, wouldn't.

And I'm similarly glad for the multitude of desktops and the multitude of 
distros, particularly since were it even possible to "decree" others out 
of existence, that wouldn't change the needs and wants of the devs 
working on them, it would only bring conflict and deviation from the 
features I like best on my distro and desktop of choice.

So yes, thanks for bringing up that point, and allowing me to better see 
how it fits the mail clients case as well. =:^)

The problem, then, would seem to be when there's a mismatch between 
individual user's needs, and the software variant solution they happen to 
be using at the moment.  To the extent that it's possible to allow them 
to see that and present options available for change, it's likely that 
they can find a better match, and thus be happier with whatever better 
match they ultimately choose. =:^)

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