KDE5 how to get the function keys configured for application

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Jun 28 03:10:58 BST 2015

Barry Scott posted on Sat, 27 Jun 2015 18:46:33 +0100 as excerpted:

> The F1 thru F12 keys on my keyboards are trigging actions like sound
> up/down.
> What I want is to have the key go to my applications. I've searched in
> Settings and Googled and not found a way to change this.
> Where is this configured?

Still kde4 here (I try kde5 every few months but so far immediate kwin 
crash and respawn loop on my graphics hardware, tho it's been a few 
months since I last tried so I need to try again) , but AFAIK global 
hotkey configuration is located in at least close to the same place.

First method: Kde system settings, common appearance and behavior (this 
one is very possibly different in kde5, as kde4 had separate workplace 
appearance and behavior, and common appearance and behavior, a split that 
made some sense to developer folks once they understood it, but not so 
much to users, and I think I read that it was changed in kde5), shortcuts 
and gestures, global keyboard shortcuts.

Second method: Bring up krunner and type in "global" (without the 
quotes).  One of the choices offered will very likely be global keyboard 
shortcuts.  Choosing it should launch the same window you'd navigate to 
in kde system settings.

Third method: Bring up a terminal window (like konsole), and use kcmshell 
(kcmshell4 in kde4, name might have changed for kde5, however, as kcm 
referenced the old kde3 name, kcontrol, which was actually more accurate 
than system settings since it was mostly kde settings).  In this case 
it's kcmshell(4) keys, but how would you know that?  Simple.  As with 
most commands, kcmshell --help lists the general options, including 
kcmshell --list, which lists the available module names along with a 
short description.  There's even a few modules that don't show up in kde 
system settings, tho they may be available elsewhere.  The kcmdf module 
is one of these that's installed here.

Regardless of method, once there, you should see a dropdown list of kde-
based components you can choose from, with each component (kwin, activity 
manager, kmix, etc) in turn listing various functions along with the 
assigned global hotkey, if any.

Volume up/down should be listed under the kmix component.

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